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Gola di Finocchieto

The white and pink limestones of northwest Sabini Mounts are a good terrain for canyons. That's why by the village of Finocchieto (near Stroncone and Terni) we find 5 canyons. They share common features but each one has its own peculiarities, like different sons of the same parents.

One of these canyons ends its steep rugged way though rocks and mediterranean bush between the houses of Finocchieto. It has no name on maps, so let's call it simply "Finocchieto Canyon".

Name Gola di Finocchieto
Area Umbria, Monti Sabini
Nearest village Finocchieto (fraz. Stroncone)
Elevation loss 320 m
Length 1 km
Highest cascade 12 m
Rock Limestone, pink marl-limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri, Andrea Pucci; january 31st 2009


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I remember ...

Backpacks were ready, and we were going to put car in a better point and start descending. But when I tried to start car's engine I realized there was no current from battery. Something had gone wrong.
Maybe that was written to be the wrong day to explore Finocchieto Canyon. We had to find a way to repair car: go to nearest village, find a parts shop, maybe buy a new battery or find a mechanic willing to came with us up the mountain to repair my car on saturday ... That would be really hard and expensive.

No time to waste. I opened bonnet to see which battery I had to buy and ... surprise! battery's cable had been cut by rust and vibrations.

I was able to repair it with the tools I had. Then came the time for Finocchieto Canyon!

Video by Michele Angileri and Andrea Pucci

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