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Vallone delle Croci

By the confluence into Arso creek, Vallone delle Croci has a short and steep gorge, featuring a sequence of waterfalls and beautiful, unusually large pools carved in granite, surrounded by Mediterranean bush.

Name Vallone delle Croci
Area Calabria, Sila
Nearest village San Morello
Elevation loss 50 m
Length 350 m
Highest cascade 20 m
Rock Granite
Shuttle No
Explored by Saverio Talerico; June 20th 2018


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I remember ...

One day Saverio telephoned me to ask for information on the Arso gorge, especially on the access routes that can be used to descend the gorge without a shuttle vehicle. Since in my only descent of the Arso (9 years earlier) I had a shuttle, I had no useful information for him.
After the phone call, however, I wanted to try to identify on Google Earth a possible route of Arso gorge not needing a shuttle. I found that the Google images were much more detailed than they were 9 years ago ... so I could see a sequence of large pools and (clearly) waterfalls on a tributary of the Arso, not visible in the previous satellite images. That was a canyon, short but intense: I thought it was worth go exploring it with Saverio as soon as I went back in Calabria again.

The day after Saverio published on Facebook the photos of the exploratory descent of Vallone delle Croci: he too had noticed the big pools on Google Earth and, being in the area and in constant search for new routes, he went there almost immediately!

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