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Fosso del Barletto

One of the canyons in Semproniano area can be traveled without rope and harness: Fosso del Barletto. A canyon for hikers? not really, because a canyon is never like a hiking route due to slippery boulders, water, scrambling, landsliding walls, ...
A canyon is a very harsh environment, so wild that you feel like being in another world, primitive and grand ...
And that is the reason for you going there!

Name Fosso del Barletto
Area Toscana
Nearest village Semproniano
Elevation loss 85 m
Length 850 m
Highest cascade 0 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; november 2016


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I remember ...

The children grow up and go live on their own. And after years in which your days were tailored on their needs, you and your wife find yourselves on a Friday night not having to take care of anyone in the following days ...
So, let's leave! a couple of days of relax are what we need, so let's go away this weekend, nothing tiring, not too far ...
The hills of southern Tuscany are the right place for this: far enough to justify an overnight stay in a hotel, with beautiful villages to visit, beautiful countryside to admire, the famous thermal baths of Saturnia, ... In Semproniano area, then, there seem to be some gorges to explore and I could take advantage of it to give quick view.

On Sunday morning I woke up very early and, alone, I left the hotel to spend a couple of hours looking closely at the possible gorges I had spotted on satellite images and topographic maps. In a few minutes I was on the edge of first cascade of Fosso Gattaia (the hotel was very near). Then I went at the exit of Barletto gorge and began to go up through. I hoped that soon a cascade he would have stopped my way, but I was finding only little steps easily climbable and avoidable pools. As I went up, however, canyon was becoming tighter and harsher, so maybe a little further on ...
It ended up traveling the whole canyon to the meadows from which the stream originates. I don't remember at what time I returned to the hotel but I was still in time for breakfast, and after that walk hunger was the right one to appreciate the homemade strudel ...

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