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Albegna Superiore

The village of Roccalbegna stands where the Albegna (here a stream, not yet a river) comes out from a wide gorge whose bottom is occupied by a steep chaos of boulders on which the stream makes little cascades and pools. All looks majestic, but if you try going through the gorge you realize that it's even more majestic than it appears from the outside.

Name Albegna Superiore
Area Toscana
Nearest village Roccalbegna
Elevation loss 165 m
Length 1 km
Highest cascade 6 m
Rock Limestone
Rating2 (winter, spring)
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Firs known canyoning descent: Michele Angileri, Andrea Pucci; june 28th 2011


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I remember ...

Unfortunately that was the wrong time. Of course, we didn't know it: we had chosen that period because a few months before we had seen a very large flow-rate through the canyon, and that looked really dangerous. We were wrong: this time water was too few, and there was a little flow only in the first part of canyon, while the longest part (the majestic chaos of boulders) was completely dry. I felt so disappointed that I stopped doing photographs: that's why you see no photograph of the most characteristic features of Upper Albegna canyon. To see how it is you have only one way: go and see. If you are a skilled canyoneer my advice is: go there when the flow is like the one in the first seconds of video-clip. Otherwise, if your skills are a little more than hikers, do as we did: go there in summer.

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