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Rio Zagarone

Far on the mountain, in a primordial environment of rocks and lush woods, the majestic gorge of Rio Zagarone offers the canyoneer a long trip into the heart of the beauty and the power of Nature.

Name Rio Zagarone
Area Campania
Nearest village Calabritto
Elevation loss 460 m
Length 2 km
Highest cascade 44 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Needed
Explored by Upper part: R. Basile and others, summer 1996
Complete exploration: G. Antonini, P. Santinelli, T.Bisci, S.Romani, P. Grillantini; april 22 2003


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Like most mountain sports, canyoning is focused on commonly inaccessible (as well as incredibly beautiful) places that can only be traveled with adequate techniques, gears and skills. Inaccessibility is a powerful motivator but it tends to disappear as experience grows, unless you choose more inaccessible places or more difficult conditions like larger flow-rates or bad bolted canyons. Many canyoneers need "extreme" places to get an adrenaline rush or the social recognition of being one of the few capable of going there. So periodically a new "extreme canyon" comes to the fore, mysterious, almost sacred, reserved to a few initiates and not yet "profaned" by unbelievers.

I don't care to state if Rio Zagarone canyon is extreme or not: it certainly is a wild casket of primordial nature and of profound, absolute beauty, and that's enough.

Photos 2 and 35 by Renato Ricco

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