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Fosso del Vermicano

The water that falls on the limestone mountains of southern Lazio ends mostly underground, within karst networks still mostly unknown and unexplored. That's why only a few valleys are interesting for canyoning in southern Lazio, and the great part of them are steep open valleys, with occasional narrowings.

Fosso del Vermicano is one of these steep open valleys that descend from the beautiful beech woods of Ernici mounts. His canyoning interest comes from the numerous waterfalls that interrupt the rocky bed. The smaller ones are often downclimbable, while rope is required for the others. The result is a pleasant and relatively simple canyoning trip.

The open profile of the valley allows to interrupt the descent and exit the riverbed virtually anywhere.

Name Fosso del Vermicano
Area Lazio
Nearest village Guarcino
Elevation loss 400 m
Length 1 km
Highest cascade 30 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by ???


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I remember ...

I know about Fosso del Vermicano since early nineties, thanks to some slides by Tullio Dobosz documenting a descent made with the "ASR '86" caving team. That was not the first canyoning descent of Fosso del Vermicano, but I don't know who were the explorers.

I guess the Vemicano has been repeated only a very few times in the years. It's substantially unknown at present.

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