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Fosso Stregaro

Fosso Campione is made of two streams that join a little upstream of Prodo village. Both have canyoning interest, although without the grandeur and continuity of Prodo Narrows.
Fosso Stregano Faena is the stream at orographic right. It features tight narrows and little falls, mostly downclimbable.

Name Fosso Stregaro
Area Umbria
Nearest village Prodo
Elevation loss 110 m
Length 2600 m
Highest cascade 4 m
Rock Pink and white limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri; May 27th 2023


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I remember ...

Though the other streams in the area had water flowing, the Stregaro had got dry yet. Blame the karst, obviously, and the fact of being much higher than aquifer.
The silt marks on the rocks were telling there would have been numerous pools to swim through in water conditions, and that canyon, beautiful when dry, would have been superlative!
I therefore decided to return to Stregaro the following year, to descend it at its best. But the following year was poor in rain and especially snow. I waited a long time for heavy rainfalls to arrive, and when they came I went back to Stregaro... to see that it hadn't been enough to soak the mountain and make water flow through the canyon.

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