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Hidden and solitary, the Bacu Nieddu and its tributary Bacu Seada draw a canyoning route made up of waterfalls and mostly of green pools carved in the extraordinary pink granite of Ogliastra.

Name Seada-Nieddu
Area Sardegna, Ogliastra
Nearest village Triei
Elevation loss 175 m
Length 1300 m
Highest cascade 43 m
Rock Granite
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; june 1st 2019


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I remember ...

As I changed, a flock of sheep passed led by an elderly shepherd. We had a small talk about the weather, the occupations, the area, about what I was going to do ...
A little higher up I had seen two elderly spouses working in the warehouse of their home. Later, on my return, I passed by other houses scattered around the countryside, seeing only old people, and getting the impression that all that area of cultivated fields and pastures was inhabited by seventy-year-old people only ...

In 10-15 years this area will be uninhabited, it will live the same fate of abandonment already suffered by many other rural areas of Italy. Those who will come down the Fosso della Vedova will not meet anyone to have a word.

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