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Fosso Salcini

About halfway through, Fosso Campione (the Prodo narrows) receives a tributary, Fosso Salcini, which reaches the main stream with a sequence of 3 falls enclosed in narrows. Descending the sequence implies descending the second half of Prodo gorge, so the Salcini is an alternative to main canyon descent. Not a good alternative, however: Salcini narrows are too short and don't have the spectacular and extraordinary scenarios that you find in the first part of Fosso Campione gorge.
So almost all the ones whom come in Prodo for canyoning go to Fosso Campione, and almost no one goes to the Salcini. Me too.

But, surprise: upstream the known part Fosso Salcini has narrows, pools, little falls, ...

Name Fosso Salcini
Area Umbria
Nearest village Prodo
Elevation loss 180 m
Length 1700 m
Highest cascade 10 m
Rock Limestone, marl
Shuttle Little useful
Explored by Final falls: ARCI Todi caving team, around 1985
Full descent: Michele Angileri; April 22nd 2023


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I remember ...

Seen from Prodo canyon's exit path, the upper Salcini appears as an open valley bordered by wooded slopes, with very little water flow when not completely dry ... a creek with no canyoning interest.
I thought so too, for thirty years. That was my opinion when in the end I decided to make the full descent of the Salcini, and the opinion got stronger as I went down through the tremendous, infinite jungle of thorns covering Salcini's creekbed.
But then, finally, I got to the head of the gorge, and it was absolutely pretty, and there was a pool, and a waterfall, and another, and a pool, and a narrow, and…
The result was an extraordinary day of canyoning, with the charm and adventure that only exploration can give!

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