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Fosso Riorone

The travertine falls and pools of Fosso Riorone, surrounded by a dense and tangled bush, offer a pleasant descent to those who, like me, love this kind of environment.

Name Fosso Riorone
Area Lazio, Valle dell'Aniene
Nearest village Saracinesco
Elevation loss 310 m
Length 2 km
Highest cascade 19 m
Rock Limestone, travertine
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; february 26 2017


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I remember ...

A great part of my life is absorbed by the problem of reducing the stress from work at an acceptable level ...
I explored Fosso Riorone a day when I had backlog to be disposed urgently. Unfortunately, I was mentally tired: I needed to rest for a few days, but my work and related deadlines were not compatible with a holiday, although brief.
I had no choices, however: I had spent the prevois day with headache, and working that day would have meant headache's return in the next days.

So, paradoxically, the best I could do for my backlog was to go exploring a canyon, yes! I really had to to do it but without getting so tired, or otherwise my work performance would be severely diminished in the following days because of physical fatigue. I had to choose a "soft" canyon ...
And if I had choosen a half-day route I would even have the time to do some work once I was back at home ...

So it was: a beautiful, relaxing half-day canyoning trail. But as I came back at home I felt so happy and relaxed that the only thing I wanted to do was going to bed ...

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