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canyon exploring with Michele Angileri

Forra di Prodo

The hills between Orvieto and Todi, cloaked in woods, mediterranean bush and tilled grounds, dotted with villages and castles, hide a jewel made of emerald pools nestled in white limestone rock or at the bottom of narrow and dark rock meanders.
It is the Prodo Narrows (also known as Fosso Campione), extraordinary, beautiful, now very well known and visited.

Name Forra di Prodo
Area Umbria
Nearest village Prodo
Elevation loss 130 m
Length 700 m
Highest cascade 16 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by ARCI Todi caving team; first eighties


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I remember ...

I had been in Prodo Narrows many times ...
I remember the first time: it was at early summer 1991. At that time very few people knew the meaning of word "canyoning", and the narrows had seen only a few descents. The bolts in first half of canyon were rusted, unusable, so I had to place 5, by hand. In the second half, beyond the confluence with Fosso Salcini there were good bolts instead.
I returned to Prodo over the years, sometimes with friends, other alone. It is an exception for me: I'm always engaged in the search and exploration of unknown canyons, so I rarely return to a canyon I had already descended, but Prodo is Prodo!

Last time was in april 2016. That time I wanted to satisfy an old curiosity: to see what was in the part downstream the narrows, beyond the usual exit path, towards Lake Corbara. I found some beautiful emerald pools, a few plunges and a nice walk in a solitary environment.
The second videoclip shows that unknown part of Prodo canyon, while the first shows the narrows.

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