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Piscine del Výtravo

Upstream of the canyon Výtravo creek features wide pools and short narrows surrounded by woods and cultivated lands. In hot summer days some pools, the easiest to be reached, serve as beaches to local people. Other pools require hiking routes with fords and even swims, through freshness and beauty.
And those who decide to descend all this part of the Výtravo find some waterfalls, downclimbings and long deep pools, i.e. the ingredients of a nice canyoning route.

Name Piscine del Výtravo
Area Calabria - Sila
Nearest village Verzino
Elevation loss 85 m
Length 2600 m
Highest cascade 12 m
Rock Gneiss, sandstone
Shuttle No
Explored by First descent canyoning-style: Domenico Riga and Giuseppe Viggiani; August 2020
Complete descent and Fosso della Serra: Michele Angileri; August 25th 2021


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I remember ...

V├Čtravo pools have always been known and frequented by swimmers coming mainly from Verzino. In the last years some of the most hidden pools have become a destination of aquatic hikes, as well as destination for diving enthusiasts (a rudimentary but effective springboard is usually installed in a pool!).
The first reported descent canyoning-style was done by Domenico Riga and Giuseppe Viggiani in August 2020. It was born as a fallback hike: the original plan was exploring Vallone Lauro canyon with me and Saverio Talerico, but something unexpected put us two out of the game. So Domenico and Giuseppe, ready for a canyoning day, went to see this part of the V├Čtravo of which they had heard from the locals. They descended the part upstream of the road bridge, without using ropes, avoiding the deepest waterfall and diving the lower ones.

The following year I went there with Saverio and our daughters, with ropes and harnesses. I liked it a lot, so I returned there in a few days, alone, to do the complete descent (including the part downstream of the road bridge) end explore a tributary (Fosso della Serra) which proved to be of little interest.
You can see the tributary in the last 3 photographs.

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