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Piccarellaia - Felcete

Torrente Faena collects the waters of a large hilly sector which has Monte Peglia as its highest elevation. It is made of two creeks, Faena della Cerasa and Faena delle Felcete, each having numerous tributaries.
Faena delle Felcete has a gorge, about 2 km long, between wooded slopes but with a couple of narrows passages and a few deep pools.
The difficulties are little more than hiking, but if you want something more it is possible to add the descent of a normally dry tributary, the Fosso della Piccarellaia, which has a couple of beautiful, non-trivial dryfalls.

Name Piccarellaia - Felcete
Area Umbria
Nearest village Ripalvella
Elevation loss 120 m
Length 1600 m
Highest cascade 18 m
Rock Limestone, marl
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; March 25th 2023


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I remember ...

It was half the nineties when I happened the first time to Faena delle Felcete, during a tour in search for new canyons. It was almost at sunset, so I was could go up the stream for a short distance, too little to reach the first narrow. What I saw around me, combined with considerations on the length of the gorge and the modest difference in altitude, convinced me that there was nothing interesting from a canyoning point of view at Faena creek.

Almost 30 years later I began to travel the area with greater attention to streams having little difference in altitude, and surprisingly some of them proved to be interesting canyoning routes. Then Faena delle Felcete came back to my mind...

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