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Fosso delle Piastre

On the sides of a small valley among the Umbrian hills, two areas of bare marl appear. The locals call them le Piastre (the Plates). The creek between them, usually dry, descends towards Faena delle Felcete gorge, reaching the main valley by a nice sequence of falls, many of which can be downclimbed thanks to the steps created by pink limestone layers.

The Fosso delle Piastre can be descended as a standalone route, or concatenated with Faena delle Felcete canyon.

Name Fosso delle Piastre
Area Umbria
Nearest village Ospedaletto
Elevation loss 80 m
Length 200 m
Highest cascade 20 m
Rock Pink limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Roberto Baldi, Davide Volpini; April 3rd 2022


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I remember ...

We see what surrounds us thanks to light, which falls on things, people, landscapes and then reaches our eyes. Sinve the image of the landscape that surrounds us is made of light, it is different as light changes, which in turn changes with seasons.
In spring the high sun reaches the bottom of gorges and makes a festival of colors bloom there. In winter the sun remains low, the canyons remain in the shade and appear dark and dull... all canyons but the south-facing ones.

While descending the Fosso delle Piastre I was surprised by how different it was from the nearby Fosso della Piccarellaia (descended a few days earlier). But then the Fosso entered the shadow made by the wall of Faena delle Felcete gorge, and the Fosso delle Piastre (which is exposed to the south) suddenly became similar to Fosso della Piccarellaia (which instead is exposed to the north) ...

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