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Rio Petescia

The abundant water of Rio Petescia flows peacefully among the green, uncontaminated wooded hills of Turano valley, offering a pleasant water walk to those who want to find a fresh oasis in the scorching summer heat of Lazio.

Name Rio Petescia
Area Lazio, valle del Turano
Nearest village Turania
Elevation loss 45 m
Length 2-4 km
Highest cascade 0 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Always known by locals


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I remember ...

I had always known of the Rio Petescia, but the morphology that appeared in satellite photos and the low elevation loss made me correctly believe it was not a properly canyoning route but rather a hike through a creek.

When finally, after 20 years or more, I decided to go there, I took advantage of the company of Giorgio, Paolo and Patty to organize the descent in a serious way with complete technical gear and a shuttle, because you cannot really know how a creek is until you go and descend it.
This is perfectly logical, but probably not for the guy who had brought the dog to bathe in the biggest puddle of the stream. For one used to seeing there people in bathing suits, our wetsuits, harnesses, helmets and water backpacks were a big surprise for him ...

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