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Fosso Ospedaletto

On the eastern side of Mount Peglia we find large spaces of solitary nature, where you can get lost for hours, crossed by a complex network of seasonal streams that come together to form the Faena delle Felcete.
The main of these streams, Fosso Ospedaletto, at a certain point encounters a step of pink limestone in which it digs a gorge.

Name Fosso Ospedaletto
Area Umbria
Nearest village Ospedaletto
Elevation loss 80 m
Length 1100 m
Highest cascade 22 m
Rock White and pink limestone
Shuttle Needed
Explored by Michele Angiler; February 8th 2024


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I remember ...

Preparing the exploration of a canyon requires locating the routes to the gorge and back to the car. For this, the detailed satellite images of Google Earth are of great help but are not sufficient, since reality can be significantly different. A dirt road clearly visible on Google Earth may prove unsuitable even to off-road vehicles and cause kilometers of extra walking, which with a backpack overloaded with equipment is not exactly a walk in the park... Or the land it passes through may be privately owned, completely fenced, with the road closed by a gate not visible on satellite images. What on satellite images looks like steep terrain with some outcropping stones may turn out to be a succession of difficult rock crags, involving exposed passages and tiring bypasses. The undergrowth can hide forests of brambles, the woods on the hillside can turn out to be an impassable jungle, ... And on the other hand, a comfortable path resulting from ancient knowledge of the territory can make you pass without problems the parts that appeared most problematic on satellite images ...

After having studied the satellite images carefully, it is necessary to go on site to check and, despite the long experience as a canyon seeker, there are surprises.
The Fosso Ospedaletto, in particular, gave me plenty of these surprises...

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