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The large drainage basin of Laurenzana stream, a tributary of the Trionto, is made up of a myriad of streams, many of which are proving to be interesting as canyoning routes, developing through beautiful and particular environments, made even more beautiful by waterfalls and gorges.
The Laurenzana itself is less interesting though, however, it has a beautiful waterfall carved in granite far from houses and roads. The few who go to the foot of waterfall do so in summer, by a long walk on the bed of the stream. Getting upstream of the fall is more difficult, but definitely more interesting if you choose to do it through Vallone di Muscosaggio, thus discovering a world made of granite steps enclosed between walls and steep slopes surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, far from everything.

Name Muscosaggio-Laurenzana
Area Calabria - Sila Greca
Nearest village Bocchigliero
Elevation loss 365 m
Length 3 km
Highest cascade 22 m
Rock Granite
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri; August 14th 2022


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I remember ...

A friend told me about the Laurenzana waterfall about twenty years ago, without letting me understand where it was. Being not particularly high and surrounded by hills wooded, the waterfall is indistinguishable in aerial or satellite photos, and is not represented on maps: so for years I had only a vague idea of where it might be.
In the end it was Domenico Riga who explained to me where it was. A long walk is needed to get there, and then you could only go back. Furthermore, from satellite images it was clear that there was no gorge upstream ... So what to do: go there? or rather go to other and more promising torrents? If you know me you will certainly have guessed the answer I gave myself.

But you know me, I'm curious, so at last I find the right motivation by adding some unknown elements to the walk: a tributary valley. Maybe, I thought, if I'm lucky I'll find some pretty waterfalls there as well ...

How it turned out you can see it in the photographs!

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