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The landscape of the hills around Carfizzi features cliffs and rock faces of soft conglomerate surrounded by steep slopes covered with ilex forests and bush. In these soft but compact rocks, even modest torrents dig deep canyons, thus generating a complex orography, where even small distances require long and winding paths and nearby places are in fact far away.
Manzella creek flows through this tortuous landscape digging deep and lush gorges, walkable till a bank of hard conglomerate forces the stream to fall down the beautiful and solitary Giglietto Waterfall.

Name Manzella-Giglietto
Area Calabria
Nearest village Carfizzi
Elevation loss 120 m
Length 2800 m
Highest cascade 46 m
Rock Conglomerate
Shuttle Needed
Explored by Manzella canyon: Michele Angileri, Saverio Talerico; January 5th 2023
Giglietto fall: Sabine Branca, Pascal Cervesato; august 2010


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The attention that an increasingly large public dedicates to the natural beauty of Calabria, combined with the power of the internet and social networks, is giving a certain notoriety to Giglietto Waterfall. However, this relative notoriety does not correspond to a proportional attendance of the place, because it can only be reached on foot by a few hours hike up and down the hills. Almost no one goes to Giglietto waterfall, and the few who go there discover a majestic, wild, solitary and... far away place!

This also applies to canyoning route through Manzella and Giglietto gorges: moving in these wild and solitary places means making long drives and hikes. But this is an important part of the beauty of this canyoning route: reaching such places much further away than the few kilometers that separate them from the surrounding villages.

Photos and video by Michele Angileri and Lorenzo Albanese

Copyright © 2002- Michele Angileri. All rights reserved.