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Burrone Capelvenere

Burrone Capelvenere is a gorge that descends towards Burrone Iornito with a few waterfalls among which a majestic 35m jump well carved into the conglomerate.

Name Burrone Capelvenere
Area Calabria
Nearest village Melissa
Elevation loss 170 m
Length 2300 m
Highest cascade 35 m
Rock Conglomerate
Shuttle Recommended
Explored by Michele Angileri, Saverio Talerico; december 24 2018


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I remember ...

In the earthy conglomerate walls of the ravines of Iornito area there are often sectors from which water exudes all year round, away from direct sunlight. It is the ideal environment for maidenhair ferns.
The first time I arrived here I was struck by the abundance of maidenhair ferns that covered the walls of this tributary of Iornito gorge. I had never seen such a maidenhair abundance before: that must be the "Maidenhair Gorge". I tried to go up through it, but soon I had to stop at the foot of a waterfall. And beyond I could see a much taller one ...

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