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Fosso delle Lesche

The "Lesche" are probably the tufa slides featuring the bed of this creek, that flows to Lake Turano through an unpolluted environment of woods. The excellent grip of tufa rock makes it possible downclimbing almost all of them.

Name Fosso delle Lesche
Area Lazio
Nearest village Colle di Tora
Elevation loss 200 m
Length 1200 m
Highest cascade 18 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible with 4WD vehicles
Explored by Michele Angileri, Giuseppe Martino; december 19th 2020


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I remember ...

The Italian Government managed the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak by regionally based restrictions, classified by colors. Throughout the autumn, Lazio was a "yellow" region, within which it was allowed to move freely: so we could go to the Fosso delle Lesche without risking a fine.
In the "orange" regions you wasn't allowed to move outside your municipality (except for a set of "good reasons"), and in the "red" areas there were even more restrictions on movements but also the other aspects of social life (shops, timetables, schools, ...)

Starting from Christmas the rulers indulged themselves with additional "colors": dark red, dark orange, white. In a region with a certain color, however, there could be provinces of a different color, and even individual municipalities could have a different color. As the epidemic did not disappear and some variants of SARS-COV-2 began to spread, the limitations associated with the different colors were changed in a restrictive sense, a first time, then a second, then a third. A general ban on moving between regions was introduced, then the "softer" colors were suspended, "red days for all" were introduced, ... Color changes were announced on Friday to take effect on Saturday, no, too early, on Sunday, not too early yet, Monday but maybe Tuesday is better ...

Pandemic delirium.

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