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canyon exploring with Michele Angileri

Torrente Lepre

The canyon of Torrente Lepre is a long and interesting canyoning trail, that can be divided in two parts.
In first part we find lots of deep pools carved in white granite, and little cascades.
Second part is quite different. Dug in gneiss rock, its forms are more harsh and majestic. Here we find canyon's highest cascades.

Name Torrente Lepre
Area Calabria, Sila
Nearest village Caccuri
Entrance altitude (above sea level) 500 m
Exit altitude (above sea level) 170 m
Length 4 km
Longest rappel 30 m
Rock Granite, gneiss
Shuttle Advisable
Explored by First part: Federico Caizzi, Beppe Gernone, Angela Rizzi, Modesto Tartarelli, Antonio Trocino; august 2006
Second part: Michele Angileri, Antonio Trocino; august 19th 2011


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I remember ...

August 7th 2010. That day I felt ... tired? weak? not all was at place, that day. Seemed as I had not well recovered from the surgery I had 3 months before ...
Canyon was nice and I felt happy being there, getting near to the still unexplored second part. But strangely my partners walked much faster than me, and I was always the last in line.

It happened at the end of first part. I was walking on the stones of river bank as a stone ceded under my left foot, and it slipped under load into a hole, hit the tip and bent to the left ... I felt a strong pain, and I realized that was not the usual harmless ankle sprain.
I couldn't go on. Luckily we were near to a comfortable escape path, so we could exit the canyon.

At the hospital I was diagnosed with a very small fracture of the tibial malleolus, and a bad ankle sprain. The exploration of lower Lepre had to wait the next summer to be done.

Photographs in this website show ultralight ropes (6 mm ropes made of high tenacity fibers). Read multimedia book Ultralight ropes canyoning technique to learn how to use them.

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