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The extraordinary colors of Infernaccio make unique this primordial gorge that descends the very gentle slopes of Montefiascone's volcano.

Name L'Infernaccio
Area Lazio - Regione vulcanica
Nearest village Grotte Santo Stefano
Elevation loss 130 m
Length 3 km
Highest cascade 28 m
Rock Tuff, basalt
Shuttle Possible
Explored by First canyoning-style complete descent: Michele Angileri; March 2023


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I remember ...

In the hiking scene of Latium, Infernaccio ranks among the relatively-known places, visited by those who seek and appreciate peculiar wild places. No tourist signs, the path that descends into the gorge can be found only if someone explains where it is (and even so it is not easy to find), and it has exposed and slippery points ...
In recent years, however, thanks to the Internet and social networks (and thanks to the increasing attention that people dedicate to this kind of place) the Infernaccio is becoming increasingly known and visited by groups of hikers, mostly not expert. No crowds, however: even today, visits to Infernaccio's waterfalls mostly take place without meeting anyone.

And if you want to go canyoning at Infernaccio ... in the whole course of the gorge you won't meet anyone except, maybe, at the foot of the main waterfalls. Infernaccio has never been considered a canyoning route, though over the years the more daring hikers have ventured into descending its best-known waterfalls (certainly the main waterfall of right branch, perhaps also the one of left branch). I myself went to Infernaccio a dozen years ago, visited the main waterfalls, walked the gorge downstream of the confluence between the two branches ... and concluded that no, that was not a place to go canyoning: too little height difference, too few waterfalls.
Then, over the years, the environmental element became to me the main reason in the search for canyoning routes. I no longer cared much about the presence of playful elements or the number of waterfalls, and therefore I reconsidered the idea of descending the entire Infernaccio canyoning-style.
And I'm glad I did :-)

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