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canyon exploring with Michele Angileri

Valle delle Foci

Charming Valle delle Foci opens on eastern side of mountains of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park. The name "Foci" comes from latin fauces that means "mouth, throat", and so it indicates a canyon.

Name Valle delle Foci
Area Lazio
Nearest village San Biagio Saracinisco
Entrance altitude (above sea level) 1420 m
Exit altitude (above sea level) 930 m
Length 1300 m
Longest rappel 33 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Giuseppe Antonini, Paola Santinelli; november 2004
Lower canyon (down from 1024 m ASL): Michele Angileri, Carlo Scappaticci; july 17th 2012


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I remember ...

Eight years have passed since Pino told me of Valle delle Foci advising me to go and repeat but, you know it, I always give priority to the exploration of new routes ...

The right day came, at last, and so I could enjoy the splendid sequence of waterfalls and hanging pools enclosed in narrows featuring this beautiful canyon. But once at the exit path, at 1024 m ASL, we didn't follow Pino's instructions and continued down along the stream, though at that point it looked uninteresting. And we arrived in a short where stream jumps down unknown narrows, not previously seen by Pino and Paola.

And so what had begun as a repetition ended up becoming, for a short part, an exploration.

Photographs in this website show ultralight ropes (6 mm ropes made of high tenacity fibers). Read multimedia book Ultralight ropes canyoning technique to learn how to use them.

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