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Fosso di Fioarno

Among the valleys that descend from the Prenestini Mountains there is Fosso Fioarno. Normally dry in the first part, it would have water from the middle thanks to a spring that, unfortunately, is taken by an aqueduct ...

Name Fosso di Fioarno
Area LAzio, MOnti Prenestini
Nearest village Ciciliano
Elevation loss 240 m
Length 850 m
Highest cascade 15 m
Rock Marl limestone
Shuttle Possible by 4WD vehicles
Explored by Michele Angileri; January 8th 2022


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I remember ...

I love the Prenestini Mountains. The valleys here manage to combine opposite aspects: harshness and sweetness, ease and risk, technical simplicity and difficulties, proximity to home and isolation, wilderness and signs of the presence of Man ... They are the paradigm of the most typical Lazio canyoning.
Since I love this type of valleys I have traveled long through these small mountains with the aim of finding them all. But many times this research has led me to travel through canyoning insignificant valleys or (worse) real jungles, and so in the end I am convinced that I have now traveled all the valleys of this small mountain group where you can do some form of canyoning.

Until, surprisingly, I realize that on the Prenestini there is also the Fosso Fioarno ...

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