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Valle Fara - Ramo del fango

The "Muddy Branch" is a tributary of Valle Fara's right branch. The feeding basin is very little, so this branch is almost always dry. Upstream of the gorge, the creek flows through clayey soil, this makes the first falls be covered with a layer of mud, not present in the last falls.

Descending the Muddy Fork is an alternative to the first part of the main branch, a little less interesting but roughly equivalent in terms of commitment and difficulty.

Name Valle Fara - Ramo del fango
Area Umbria, Monti Sabini
Nearest village Finocchieto (fraz. Stroncone)
Elevation loss 270 m
Length 1100 m
Highest cascade 20 m
Rock Flysch, limestone
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; February 21st 2021


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I remember ...

The peak of the second wave of COVID epidemic was behind, but the restrictions on short travels were still there, indeed ... as the third wave was going to appear, stricter measures were in sight (red zone for all of Italy).
That Sunday, however, looked like early spring. Maybe because of the looming threat of a further lockdown, or because people had been confined for months between home and job, that sun and mild air had pushed on mountain meadows more people than in August! All walking, young and old, small and larger groups, all freely breathing the pure air of the lawns that smelled of celebration and joy of life.

Photos refer only to Muddy Branch

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