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Fosso del Curso

The folds of the Umbrian hills hide unsuspected gorges where the water still sculpts, in spite of the little slopes involved, emerald pools and waterfalls. Water, rock and vegetation make up here canyoning itineraries extraordinarily rich in charm and beauty, with few difficulties.

At Fosso del Curso we find a typical canyon of the Umbrian hills.

Name Fosso del Curso
Area Umbria
Nearest village Prodo
Elevation loss 100 m
Length 2200 m
Highest cascade 9 m
Rock Limestone, marl
Shuttle No
Explored by Michele Angileri; November 27th 2022


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I remember ...

Those looking for unusual and fascinating places among the Umbrian hills are not canyoning enthusiasts (or any other mountain sport) but rather occasional hikers. This is not strange: a fan of some particular sport is above all interested in trying his hand at the difficulties of that sport, in overcoming his own limits. Wandering around without a precise destination, for the pleasure of enjoying Nature and the landscape, are above all those who do not aspire to a sporting confrontation, walkers without great pretensions, more or less occasional hikers.
Like the couple I met the third time I went to the Curso (yes: contrary to my habits I've been to the Curso more than once!), who while trying to follow the stream in sneakers and shorts, in the effort of keeping their feet dry, meet a guy dressed in a neoprene suit, a helmet on his head and a huge backpack ...
Or the man who, alone, tried to follow the stream in summer and, realizing that it wasn't possible without gear and experience, bypassed the narrows going up and down the hill and then recounted the adventure on youtube.

Everywhere and not only on the Umbrian Hills, it is above all this type of people who go around, look around, divulge ... In short, explore!

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