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Gola di Valle Contieri

Fosso Contieri, the main tributary of Melfa Gorges, flows through a canyon with low walls, alternating narrows and open parts, rich in beautiful erosions, cascades and pools.

Name Gola di Valle Contieri
Area Lazio, Ciociaria
Nearest village Santopadre
Elevation loss 200 m
Length 1300 m
Highest cascade 22 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri, june 5th 1992


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I remember ...

A university fellow told me about Melfa Gorges: you claim to love canyons, go there and see! Good advice: really a beautiful environment, the road of Melfa Gorges in tune with the places ...
Just a moment, please ... let me take a look at this tributary ...

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