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Fosso di Casalromano

Fosso di Casalromano begins as a dry canyon, but soon a spring gives flow to the creek, making the gorge a luxuriant garden and covering the cascades with exraordinary, huge tufa castings.
The uncivil man has tried to ruin this environment by throwing a certain amount of waste into the gorge, but luckily he did not succeed.

Name Fosso di Casalromano
Area Lazio, Valle dell'Aniene
Nearest village Anticoli Corrado
Elevation loss 110 m
Length 300 m
Highest cascade 25 m
Rock Limestone, travertine
Shuttle Possible
Explored by Michele Angileri; april 25 2017


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I remember ...

Though I knew the existence of Fosso di Casalromano since 15 years or so, I had never decided to descend it because I did not think it was interesting. Over time I began to change my mind but I thought, given the size, to keep it for when I did not have better things to do and I had little time. I thought, in short, it was really a little thing.

The day I went there I had planned to stay at home to do nothing, but in the course of the morning I changed my mind: I felt energetic and wanted to do something, but it was obviously late for a challenging route ... Casalromano was the right creek!
Once on site I soon realized that the matter was not as simple as I had imagined ... Of course that was not a displeasure to me! :-)

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