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Fosso Bussi

Downstream of Borgo Cerreto the valley of river Nera is tighten between steep sides and rocky walls. Right in the most rugged and spectacular point, at the foot of tall cliffs of pink limestone, the Fosso Bussi valley joins to the Valnerina. Canyoneer's imagination let us think that such a harsh place must host narrow gorges, but in reality the path of Fosso Bussi is much more open and simple than imagined.

Name Fosso Bussi
Area Umbria, Valnerina
Nearest village Cerreto di Spoleto
Elevation loss 270 m
Length 1600 m
Highest cascade 11 m
Rock Limestone
Shuttle Needed
Explored by Inspection by G. Antonini and others; 1994


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I remember ...

Every time I traveled that part of Valnerina, my attention was drawn to the splendid pink rocks of the slopes of Fosso Bussi valley. The rumors on the Fosso told of a simple stream that could be traveled bottom-up, but the appearance of the valley made me imagine narrows and cascades.
Maybe only part of the Fosso had been climbed, the easiest part ... Maybe the narrows and cascades are in the upper part, I told myself ... I want to check, sooner or later.

But when I finally descended Fosso Bussi I realized that rumors reported the truth.

Photos and video by Michele Angileri and Giorgio Ecker

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