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Fosso Bulgarett

Fosso Bulgarett is quite similar to the near Fosso della Sereotta: a sequence of falls in the woods, but with a higher flow-rate and a beautiful, deep overhanging fall in its upper part.

Name Fosso Bulgarett
Area Lazio
Nearest village Paganico Sabino
Elevation loss 220 m
Length 1100 m
Highest cascade 26 m
Rock Limestone, sandstone
Shuttle No
Explored by Lower part: Michele Angileri; january 30 2020
Upper part: Paolo De Santis, Roberto Locatelli, Sophia Rembold; october 2020


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I remember ...

I take my time exploring, yes. In fact not just exploring: taking time is part of my lifestyle. In the field of canyon exploring, however, I have very little competition, so I can take as much time as I like. I can look at a creek, understand that there is probably a gorge and then spend years before deciding to take a closer look, and more months before descending it. In the meantime I go elsewhere, in other gorges, other adventures, where the inspiration of the moment or the circumstances pushes me, and the gorge remains there, unknown, without anyone thinking of exploring it ...
But it doesn't always end like this ...

The Fosso was as I expected it to be: a sequence of falls in a wide environment, beginning where the slope of the valley increased like a kind of step. Upstream, the Fosso was almost flat, and probably the springs were there, just above the beginning of the gorge.
It was a quiet and relaxing exploration.
A few months later, however, I got the news that a high overhanging waterfall had been explored in that area. I had a competitor in canyon exploring there?! A 30 m waterfall ... where the hell could it be?!

Eventually I realized that the waterfall was in the Bulgarett, in the upstream of the part I had explored: it could only be there. I had been hasty in considering uninteresting the upper Bulgarett. It would have been enough to lengthen the walk on the access path just a bit to notice that other step, even sharper than the lower one ...

Okay, that was it. Congratulations to the discoverers: the waterfall is beautiful, much more than it appears in the photos, and it adds spice to a maybe too quiet canyoning route.

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