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Vallone Aranci

Vallone Aranci creek descends the steep, twisted and wild northern side of Sila massif with long walkable parts in a beautiful environment made of granite and Mediterranean woods. A few narrows and cascades carved into granite add interest to the route.

Name Vallone Aranci
Area Calabria
Nearest village Rossano
Elevation loss 495 m
Length 4 km
Highest cascade 12 m
Rock Granite
Shuttle Needed
Explored by First canyoning descent: Michele Angileri, Saverio Talerico; may 2 2018


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I remember ...

Every time I was going up the road to Patire abbey the gaze went towards that steep valley that climbed tortuously through the hills covered by dense Mediterranean woods, and I always told myself: "There might be a canyon; I have to go there to take a look, sooner or later".
Then I met Saverio. He told me he knew the place well, because he walked up the whole valley 20 years before, without canyoning gear. There were cascades, but some of them could be climbed, and the tallest could be avoided, though it wasn't easy or free from risks.
So why not doing a canyoning descent of the valley, he said? Why not, I answered ...

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