canyon exploring with Michele Angileri

Valle delle Mattre

One of the most enchanting places in Calabria, very rich in natural beauties and outdoor sports opportunities. Canyoning enthusiasts find here different trails, first of all the Canyon of Lao River. It begins 2 Km down the village of Laino. We can go through Lao Canyon on foot only in summer, when water level is at its minimum. But even in summer current is strong and may be dangerous..

Long beautiful descent in narrows and open stream.

Name Valle delle Mattre
Area Calabria, valle del Lao
Nearest village Papasidero
Entrance altitude (above sea level) 550 m
Exit altitude (above sea level) 100 m
Length 2500 m
Longest rappel 30 m
Rock Limestone
Rating4 (summer)
Explored by Michele Angileri, Renato Donati; august 24th 2003

I remember ...

Something is moving frenetically in the pothole at the start of 12 meters waterfall jumping into the cavern ... two baby wild boars!! how could they arrive here? no time to answer, the two terrified baby boars choose the only escape possible though tragic: jump down the pit! Instinct is saying them to escape no matter the cost. They don't know we are not a danger for them.
While abseiling the dry waterfall we see them, alive in a niche (a very small pothole) half the pit, trapped: they can't move up or down. They will surely die by hunger and thirst, so we try to help them to arrive at the bottom of the waterfall. Again they run away jumping down ... The blow. One rises on his trotters, exit slowly from the cavern, then lies down, to move no more. The other ... maybe he was more lucky ... goes away, slowly tottering ...
I like to think he is safe now, but I know probabilities are too few.

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